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Größe / Maße: 105 cm x  80 cm  x  35 cm
Marke/Hersteller: Aleksandar Tisinovic
Modell/Nummer: Spanish merchant ship

According to the data I possess, the ship is over 50 years old.
The ship is made of solid wood, and its dimensions are 105 cm x  80 cm  x  35 cm. It was made according to the plan for a 15th century Spanish ship and it was made with consultations with world famous captain Miroslav Stumberger from Baosic, Boka Kotorska, Montenegro.
It is quite delicately crafted, with attention being paid to the minutest details. It has three masts with sails and all the ropes for tying the sails as was the custom on ships of that era.
The ship has being made over the period of two years.
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