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Aloha Sugarmamas and lovely ones this post is for you :) You seek for some great new Activities ?
Maybe you found it now ;)
Lets Start with how it could be ;)
We can meet nicely in town or nature ,eat something ,walk lovely together ,suprise each other with great plans and let it flow :)

Love to paint and do music in different Kind oft ways like magical neon bodypainting and musical way to sing and playing with few instruments :) there are much more great hobbys you can find out ;)

Type of being :
Name . Dominik\Leocitas
Age. 23
Height. 1.96cm
Eyes. Ozeanblue
Hobbys. Swimming,doin music,dancing,photography,bodypainting and many more.
Happy lovely nice and smooth :)
Language. German and English
Open mind ,open heart

Lets love in first :)

Auch an alle deutschsprachigen gerne einfach anschreiben und wir kommen in Kontakt :) Danke fur deine Aufmerksamkeit :*
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