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Vergütung: Result related, other product and compensation terms and details apply, company stock options available for top performers.

Customer Support Coach
Start Up Management Position

We are a startup crew which is developing and testing the launch of a first software platform with a self-contained market economy using its proprietary cryptocurrency. We have already been awarded multiple patents in the United States, and a few of the more prominent names use our technology to undergird their business models.

We need temporary long term help. You can perform this gig at any time you want, and you can work remotely. You will be compensated according to how many people you aid. Right now, do not quit your day job! This is a gig to build up some spare cash in your savings. Eventually, it is possible we will offer full salaries, but for now, the pay is based upon the number of users you help. Plus, you will be able to use the platform and have fun too! [The platform is pretty cool, and you can earn money on the platform also].

The realistic compensation for the gig, in the first year, ranges from $25,000 – 80,000 per year. Please remember, it won't happen all at once, but if you start with us around May 15, 2019, we are almost certain by May 14, 2020 (depending upon how much you have worked) you will reach those numbers. Again, do not quit your day job--but start this part-time a few hours a week and then keep adding more hours as the money comes in and it will build you up some nice cash reserves. There is no cost to join or work. It is not required, but it will be helpful if you understand how cryptocurrency works. If you do not that is okay.

Please remember that we are a startup. If you are comfortable working with a startup, then feel free to apply. Send me a resume or just a note. You need to have internet access and a decent computer.

1. No prior related work experience is necessary; however, you must be highly disciplined.
2. You must be presentable and professional, particularly in written form.
3. Eventually, you must be comfortable training others (once you are fully trained).
4. You must be able to grasp and maintain a strong knowledge of, confidently, our product features and functionalities. [Those who have experience working with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram will work best].
5. You must be able to read and understand the basic policies and procedures.
6. It would help if you were innovative in finding ways to grow the business and drive platform traffic.

Upon receiving your application, if qualified you'll be provided with exclusive access to the alpha product. You can join the alpha product and then, after about 1-3 hours of training, you will be up and running.
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